[thechat] What do you *really* do?

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> [snippage]
> Hardware:  Micron laptop (850mhz Pentium III, 256meg RAM, 20gig HD,
> 15.5" screen!) - Compaq 1810 laptop (300mhz Pentium II, 128meg RAM,
> 6gig HD, 14.1" screen) - HP 9680 desktop (800mhz AMD, 128meg RAM,
> 45gig HD, 17" monitor) - HP ?? desktop (600mhz Pentium II, 128meg
> RAM, 30gig HD, 21" monitor) - Toshiba Laptop (100mhz Pentium, 28meg
> RAM, 1.2meg HD, 11" screen) - 4 I-Openers (100mhz Pentium, 128meg
> RAM, 1.2meg HD, 9" screen) - all connected to a Linksys Switch that's
> connected to a Linksys Router that's connected to a Cable modem.

that's way too much hardware dude :)

I'm sitting here looking at a Win2K box with PIII-800, 256MB RAM, 10GB HD,
2x 17" monitors, also around me are a Dell OptiPlex (PPro 200, 112MB RAM,
42GB HD, Debian Linux), a Power Mac 6100/66 (72MB RAM, 500MB HD, 17"
monitor), a 486 (486SX/25, 8MB RAM, 3GB HD Slackware Linux), and a P120
router (P120, 32MB RAM, 1GB HD, SmoothWall Linux -
http://www.smoothwall.org/ )  Not forgetting some miscellaneous
not-working-right-now kit such as an Amiga A500, an Amiga A1200, an IBM
Power Series 850 (PPC 604 and 128MB RAM - schweet) and a pile'o'ZX Spectrums

> So?  I'm also a hardware geek.


> And I'm really trying to get my hands
> on about 125 Compaq desktop boxes (100mhz Pentium, 64meg RAM, 3gig HD,
> video card, NIC, Win98) that are sitting in a storage room.  (This
> stupid school doesn't think that they can legally 'give' them away, 'sell'
> them, 'trade' them, - I've tried it all.  They insist that these units
> *must* be 'thrown away in the dumpster'.  Anyone for dumpster diving?
> Anyone need need a Linux farm?

realistically, i'd persuade them to give the machines to a local charity or
non-profit org.  Although it may mean _you_ don't get the boxen, it will
probably mean that someone gets the use of them.  We had a pile of 386, 486
and P120 boxes in our office a cpl years ago that we gave to the local
Unemployed Workers Centre - it meant that they weren't dumped or trashed,
and they got a good home.

Charidee is good :)

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