[thechat] Beer Exchange?

martin at members.evolt.org martin at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 23 16:11:53 CDT 2001

At 13:37 23/04/01 -0700, Judah McAuley wrote:
>So the idea of a beer exchange suddenly occurred to me.  I'm pretty 
>knowledgeable about breweries and brew pubs in Oregon/Washington/N. 
>California.  I would be happy to buy bottles of commercially bottled beer 
>and bottle samples of non-bottled local beer and ship them to people who 
>are interested in reciprocating with beer from their region.
>I know that this is probably illegal.  I suspect that there are ways of 
>making it more legal, but I'm not terribly worried.  We could fax each 
>other copies of our drivers licenses or something.

Yeah, and then keep copies of the beer on a network of
home computers, and just, y'know, share. It's for private use, yeah?
Those big ol' drinks companies, they'll never care.

Actually, I've set up a central server as a registry, all I need
to do is register the domain:

Dang. Whaddya know - some longhaired layabouts got there

Another fine mess you got me into, Stanley.


(damn and i would have got away with it too if those meddling kids
hadn't moved to http://tapster.artistdirect.com/ - still, it's always fun
to screw with puny borken mousetraps...
http://evolt.org/article/Leave_that_mouse_alone/17/719/index.html )

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