[thechat] Linksys Router...

Dave McLean thechat at dwcreative.com
Tue Apr 24 00:59:52 CDT 2001

On 4/23/01 1:13 PM, martin at members.evolt.org wrote:

>> That's always going to be for any box attached to it.  It has
>> some really cool setup features.  You should have a look see.
> You have one, Dave?

You bet.  Just got it last month.  I almost got the single line one (because
I already have a 4-port hub), then thought about how I was going hook up
more than one computer in my office with the Router down in the basement
where the cable modem is, with the cable line in.


I have a CAT5 cable in my office that runs under the baseboards and down
through the cold-air return to the basement.  In the office it's connected
to a hub, which allows me to connect my new G4 when (if I finally get one)
and I have a CAT5 port in Claire's office down the hall. A CAT5 port under
the island in the kitchen and one in the living room next to the couch.


100Mbps internal network, and all connected to the same cable 'net cnx.


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