[thechat] Now I think I'm a really web developer. And you?

Sean German sgerman at sprockets.com
Tue Apr 24 08:03:58 CDT 2001


Same product, different setting.

Went to see Blue Man Group in Boston with my gf as an anniversary event.
(Great show, btw, recommend it highly)  Just as the show starts messages
start running on one-line LED signs
(http://www.betabright.com/Pages/windowdisp.htm) on either side of the

They start with pedestrian announcements--someone is celebrating a birthday,
someone left their car lights one, etc.  Then the announcements get a little
more notable--someone in the audience just won the Pulitzer prize--and they
announce I had just found the secret to cold fusion.

I had been working with Cold Fusion for about a month at that point and was
absolutely certain my gf had something to do with it.  How else would they
know I was working with CF?  It was however a coincidence; I now know they
were referring to the transmutation of two atoms into a single larger atom
and not server-side programming.

Sean G.

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> Subject: Re: [thechat] Now I think I'm a really web developer. And you?
> >My reply is, "no you don't want to lose four pounds with..." and here I
> >*think* "CF" but when I *say it out loud* it is expanded to
> "Cold Fusion."
> >Cold Fusion is a web programming language.
> Actually, cold fusion is the generation of anomalous excess heat at
> low temperatures.  The term was co-oped by Allaire.
> but that's beside the point.
> Erika

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