[thechat] QOTD (especially for Texas residents - Hi Kyra, Sam & Dex!)

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> > Lord, bless this, thy holy hand grenade, that thou might blow thine
> enemies
> > to tiny bits...in thy mercy.
> >
> > Couldn't resist. :)
> It's ok. I'll forgive you if you bring me a shrubb'ry!

ARTHUR: All right! What do you want?

TALL KNIGHT: We want ... a shrubbery!


ARTHUR: A what?

TALL KNIGHT: Ni! Ni! Ni ... Peng ... Nee ... Wum!

<The PAGES rear and snort and rattle their coconuts.>

ARTHUR: All right! All right! ... No more, please. We will find you a
shrubbery ...

TALL KNIGHT: You must return here with a shrubbery or else ... you shall not
pass through this wood alive!

ARTHUR: Thank you, Knights Who Say Ni! You are fair and just. We will return
with a shrubbery.

TALL KNIGHT: One that looks nice.

ARTHUR: Of course.

TALL KNIGHT: And not too expensive.

ARTHUR: Yes ...

TALL KNIGHT: Now - go!

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