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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Apr 26 11:11:26 CDT 2001

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> get whatever NAT box you're using to stop sending its *PRIVATE* interal
> IP address first off.

the IP address that will be presented by our firewall is a real life
external IP address.

> then leo.evolt.org will stop denying you.

It's not denying me, it's giving me a 'read error' - unless this is SMTP
speak for 'denied' (which, IMHO, it isn't)

I don't see how the configuration of my network should have any bearing on
the fact that _sometimes_ I am 'denied' and most of the time I am not.  It
looks more likely that leo is erroring out for some reason, and by design,
the next suitable MX server is being sought for delivery.

> and if i had another box for lists.evolt.org, i'd have it pointing there
> now.

fair enough :)

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