[thechat] *Bier*volt

Joxn joxn at vernum.com
Thu Apr 26 11:47:26 CDT 2001

Although - as we figured out before - really many people speak German, I
guess we should switch back to English for this one.

Bob Davis wrote:
> Super!
> Wo is Coesfeld? (oder Cösfeld?)

Well, Coesfeld - yes, it is written this way, and pronounced something
like "kosfeld" - is just my small (37,000 inhabitants) hometown. It's in
Northrhine-Westfalia near Münster. I guess even the ones from Germany
won't know it. ;)

So who on this list could come to Germany or is from here?

I'd suggest Colgne (Köln) for Biervolt.

BTW, does anyone know "Linux Beerhike"/"Linux Bierwanderung"?

bye Joxn
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