[thechat] QOTD (especially for Texas residents - Hi Kyra, Sam & Dex!)

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Thu Apr 26 11:58:21 CDT 2001

At 11:43 AM 4/26/2001, you wrote:

> > I should know.  I used to live in Mesquite (you Dallas people will
> > understand :).
>well, at least you didn't live Abilene er somethin

Or a small town away from Dallas.  At least Mesquite had a little bit more 
than the Texas requirements of one Dairy Queen and one Whataburger in every 
town.  They actually have a CompUSA. :)

>(I'm in Lower Greenville area, close to downtown)

Deep Ellum for me.  And since I work downtown, I put like zero miles on my 
car.  About half of our staff lives near downtown now.


Ben Dyer
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