[thechat] Re: Returned mail: User unknown

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Apr 26 15:15:33 CDT 2001

< precursor > 

didnt mean to come off like an asshole before william.. i was cranky and
hungover this mornign :)

William Anderson wrote:

> > get whatever NAT box you're using to stop sending its *PRIVATE* interal
> > IP address first off.
> the IP address that will be presented by our firewall is a real life
> external IP address.

[djc at leo djc]$ nslookup wpanderson.wsatkins.co.uk
Server:  ns1.starkmedia.com

*** ns1.starkmedia.com can't find wpanderson.wsatkins.co.uk:
Non-existent host/domain

it may have a real external IP address, but 20 bux says you have it
configured so that the box itself equates wpanderson.wsatkins.co.uk to
its *internal* address, which is why thats showing in the mail headers

anyways.. i hope to have it worked out soon.. looks like we've got
enough money together to buy a new webserver for evolt, and i'll config
that as a backup for l.e.o


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