[thechat] QOTD (especially for Texas residents - Hi Kyra, Sam & Dex!)

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Thu Apr 26 15:36:18 CDT 2001

At 02:52 PM 4/26/2001, you wrote:
> > Really?  You went to Hungreez a lot?  I stop by there after
> > work often.
>*ICK* I ate there a few times. Then I got sick.
>Besides that, I've a personal thing against Hungreez. See, it used to be a
>place called Jerry's Deli; a perfect corner store market/sundries/sandwich
>shop that really fit the feel of the area. Steve(?) bought the place and
>turned it into Hungreez, and slowly but surely turned his back on the local
>community by 1st removing all the market stuff (thereby making a trip to
>just get toilet paper and some milk more than a walk), then by not caring
>about the food. It was good at one time, but it turned whay bad. I hope for
>your stomach's sake it has turned around some. I don't go to Hungreez =)

Really??  I wasn't aware of the sordid history.  I've lived in Deep Ellum 
about a year and a half, so I guess if it happened before then I don't know.

Personally, I love the food.  That's why I go.  Hmmm.  Amazing how two 
people can have two different experiences.  Maybe it's a timing thing, I dunno.

>Home game: Monica's Aca y Alla is 'upscale Mexico City cuisine' --basically
>fancy-schmancy mesican food. It's good food. The owner (Monica) is a
>post-operation lesbian. Kinda a local figure (her story as a business-person
>and otherwise is common knowledge around here, for equally complimentary
>reasons). Wednesday's is $.50 margaritas, and an 'official' stop of the gay
>club circuit. Friday and Saturday nights are as loud as any dance club with
>Chilo (flamenco/spanish jazz cover band) and his ego. You know how bad his
>ego is? The music is so loud you can't even think, and he *refuses* to let
>it be any less. It's fun once, but go twice and you've been had. Same music,
>hell it's almost the same order. He can play a mean guitar, but yer right,
>his voice could use some work (never really noticed though). Wednesday's are
>much more fun, for people watching alone. Good brunch place, too ...

You're right, it's always the same order:

Usually Bambaleo, they do something with birthdays and play Happy Birthday 
in a syncopated beat (I thought is was copyrighted though, ah well), I hear 
Corazon Espinado somewhere in there, too.

I, personally, have never been in.  But, having heard the whole set from up 
above it, I guess maybe that I have. :)

>Beth used to work there (been two years now), I know it all too well
>(including some stuff that would get their liquor license revoked) --I still
>find it laughable that the band plays the same thing each week. It is so
>loud in there when they're playing that you have to rely on your server's
>ability to lip read ...
>Those looked like they were gonna be nice when they were building them out;
>how you like your neighbors?

To be honest, I rarely see anybody.  Everyone keeps to themselves.  It's 
kind of...weird.  There's a nice variety of people/companies though, some 
couples, some families, some singles, an old lady down the hall with two 
yippy dogs (no joke).  The lofts themselves are quite nice, smaller than 
most of the best ones, but feature-wise are up there with Adam Hats, 
Futura, Murray and all them.  Buddy of mine is moving into Adam Hats this 
weekend actually.  He's paying less than I am, but I have hardwood floors. :)

>Well, if we can talk Seth into driving down thar, there's New Amsterdam
>Coffeehaus, with beer, liquor, and dern good coffee =)

That sounds good.  It's amazing how many of the places I drive by 
continuously that I haven't been in.


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