kewl site (was: Re: [thechat] (no subject))

Erika Meyer emeyer at
Thu Apr 26 17:01:24 CDT 2001

the entire nav menu blinks in Netscape.  How cool is that?


here's another kewl one:

Note: it's on a white background.  Now look at the source code.  Not 
only are they spamming the search engines with white-on-white 
keywords, but they're subverting the whole point of alt tags like 

<HR ALT="Judge, judges, judicial, judiciary, justice, federal, court, 
vacancies, judicial vacancies, vacancy, federal judge, judicial 
reform, federal court, federal judiciary, supreme court, supreme, 
court, constitution, law, government, bankruptcy, appeals, 
magistrate, legal system, legal research, opinion, opinions,," align="center">

slick, eh?

(someone sue their asses, *please*)


>Eldon "Mr. Whizard" Spigmatti
>(the "h" stands for HTML)
>I don't know why, but I have tears from laughing so hard. Maybe it's
>context. Maybe it's just damn funny to me. Maybe I need a vacation...

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