[thechat] Mac connection to DHCP - for Dave

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 26 18:05:49 CDT 2001

Bob Davis wrote on 26/4/01 11:10 pm

>I think you're not using DHCP any more though...isn't the linksys doing 
>that and using PAT or NAT for internal?

Linksys is the network's DHCP server and is handing out addresses to
the boxes here like smarties (no, not *special* smarties ;-) ).

It's *also* doing NAT between the LAN & WAN ports (the WAN connects
to cable modem, the LAN to the hub).

>Just give it a 192.168.1.nnn address. Something reserved for internal 
>Same with the PC's.
>That should work.

Yep, but I wanted to give DHCP a chance as I've got a number of machines
which are on *some* of the time, plus my work laptop which won't even
be here most of the time.

After the nth reboot, it worked for cargo-cultish reasons I don't even
pretend to understand.

Now only SETI doesn't work - everything else (SMTP, POP, HTTP,
Telnet, FTP, ICQ) so far is fine.


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