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Sat Apr 28 06:14:21 CDT 2001

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> Sorry, just had to share this.
> As I've mentioned, we've just set up the home office
> *properly* (rather than the adhocracy it was), complete
> with proper speakers & network connection for my Mac.

(mental note - must get speakers for 6100)

> I didn't realise that the ChuToy sound I use as a new mail
> alert is in stereo - it's 2 squeaks, high then low. I hadn't
> realised that one's the left channel and one the right, and
> it makes me snigger every time I get email.

ChuToy is one of the best alert sounds I've heard in a long time :)

I currently use the 'rolling thunder' sound off the SBLive CD - CTMELODY.WAV
for those interested - and it sounds great ... clap of thunder appears on
the left hand side, and rolls across to the right.  Scared the gf at least
once with it ... "but it's dry outside!" ;)

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