[thechat] music recommendation

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Sat Apr 28 11:38:56 CDT 2001

So, I dropped a CD into the player that I hadn't listened to for a few 
months...I had forgotten how much I really liked it.

Keb' Mo' (both artist and album name)

Awesome blues.


 From Amazon:
"Every few years, an acoustic guitar player decides he wants to be the 
next Robert Johnson and endears himself to the blues world--Rory Block, 
John Hammond Jr., and Taj Mahal have crossed this road in the past. 
Veteran backup guitarist Kevin "Keb' Mo'" Moore has the freshest 
approach to pulling it off, turning Johnson's devil-obsessed classics 
"Come on in My Kitchen" and "Kindhearted Woman Blues" into friendly folk 
music on this 1994 debut. Unlike many of the great bluesmen, the 
personable Moore doesn't aspire to be evil or even rebellious; he writes 
terrific songs (most notably the opening "Every Morning" and "Dirty Low 
Down and Bad") and performs them with talent and charisma. --Steve 
Knopper "

Give it a listen if you get the chance.


bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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