[thechat] music recommendation

Tamara Abbey abbey at abbeyink.com
Sat Apr 28 21:53:00 CDT 2001

Yeah, the night the devil left the grand town of Mendota, IL (1 hour south of Rockford -- shit, hard to type when plastered) when the sound went out. Good ole Charlie returned 2 years later but by then, I didn't work for the local paper so I still didn't get to see or meet him.

They did spend about 36 hours checking the sound boards to figure out what happened, and I guess Charlie was gonna play the beer tent, but 3,200 people wouldn't fit so they cancelled the show.

I did learn the electronics in the sound board are critical. I'm not really a country music gal -- but you never know who's gonna play these little ole circuits -- and summer's comin. 

Oh, the fair people sent a press release to the area daily and they beat me to deadline on my weekly -- sometimes life sucks!

> Playing to about 100+
>people, the mic, the amps, the large sound system went out, and he managed
>to shout out the lyric, and get the band clapping for another few minutes
>completing the song!
>Maybe you had to be there, but it struck me as amazing when it happened.

O.k., I'm not so toasted to realize I just wasted beau coup bandwidth -- sending anyway and I'll be embarrassed tomorrow.

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