[thechat] Re: Returned mail: User unknown

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Apr 30 09:39:54 CDT 2001

william -

i read the website for smoothwall, but could you gimme like the 'inside'
details ? i'm getting a completely new firewall system for work(to
replace raptor) and wonder how well smoothwall would compare against
some of the commercial products out there, or against a straight kernel
with iptables.

like, how well does it handle subnetting, packet forwarding, masq'ing,
nat'ing and that kinda shit? can it support a large number of
interfaces?(like 4-5)

is it application layer?

ok, thats pretty much it.. thanks for any insight here :)


William Anderson wrote:

> (workstation with 192.168.x.x address behind a firewall - SmoothWall, btw -
> with outward SMTP delivery being handled by a machine on my LAN as opposed
> to using the ISP SMTP) and haven't had these problems with mailing
> the{chat|list}.
> <aside>
> nb: the reason I hid my work firewall identity and disclosed my home
> firewall identity is that I work on the SmoothWall project in my spare time,
> and I eat our own dog food.  If you have a spare 386/486/Pentium or other
> Intel PC class box with some ethernet cards and cables, you can build a
> secure firewall for your LAN in minutes :)  Part of the work I did was the
> website - http://www.smoothwall.org/ - feel free to critique - I've probably
> done sooo many things the wrong way ;)

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