[thechat] Re: [thechat]Eco (was: what does "inde" mean?)

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Tue May 1 13:51:56 CDT 2001

On Tuesday, May 1, 2001, at 02:43 PM, Martin wrote:

>> I'm reading The Name of the Rose again.
> Very good. You know there's a reader's companion
> to it? Got it from Amazon @ Christmas. It's got
> translations of all the Latin, history background etc.
> Useful.

Sounds awesome.  I would like to be able to understand Salvatore better. 
Last time I read it, I knew more Italian and remembered more Latin, so 
it was easier.  Now I've forgotten it all - CF, PHP and JS have pushed 
them out...:(

>> And I'll probably pick up Foucalt's Pendulum again too when that's 
>> done.
> It's a tricky one - still trying to get into it.

It's awesome.  I love it.

> Have a go at "travels with a salmon"

Sure thing.  I'll have to try it.


bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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