[thechat] Job search/title question

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed May 2 16:08:47 CDT 2001

>Hi Sean,
>I don't know if it will help a whole lot -- but having been in "job search"
>mode less than a year ago ... here are some of the things that worked for

good stuff.

Re: attitude & job interviews: it never worked for me just to tell 
myself to have a good attitude. I'd still be bummed out. What worked 
for me was:

1. reading books on interviews and practicing responses to common 
questions OUT LOUD.  (otherwise I tend to ramble if you haven't 

2. creative visualization: visualize yourself answering the interview 
questions perfectly.  visualize the interview going well.  don't give 
into fear.  visualize a positive experience & prepare for a positive 
experience.  psyche yourself up.  the interview, if you can get it, 
is KEY.


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