[thechat] Cappuccino Surfing?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu May 3 09:50:36 CDT 2001

Hi Tamara,

On selected new products ... sure!  
   [There is an especially sweet deal on a VERY powerful laptop at the
moment that has quite a few folks here drooling.]

On reconditioned/refurbished products ... you bet!
    [... and special discounts at the local factory outlet stores too.]

On everything [especially "hot" "new" things like iPaqs] ... nope.
    [When the next 'x' months of production are spoken for in the
marketplace ... employees usually don't get 'great' deals ... least not in
any MFG outfit I've heard about. Understand now ... YMMV - especially if you
work in retail instead of mfg.]

(who works for some company that 'often' offers discounts on Compaq goodies)

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From: Tamara Abbey [mailto:Abbey at abbeyink.com]

Wait a minute, why not?? My husband can get a company discount at Compaq, 
doesn't your company offer one?

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