[thechat] you know you've been evoltimilated....

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu May 3 12:26:53 CDT 2001

>the only image which I really remember is Dan with
>dreadlocks, and he had a baby (which didn't have dreads!) - this has
>_got_ to be from all the baby talk on the chat.

The dreadlocks: dreadlocks are a power symbol, like a lion's mane. 
Dreadlocks are symbolic of Rasta which is about peace, unity, love, 
herb, rebel music... yep, that's Dan and i & i Evolt.

Never mind the fact Dan's hair is actually short & blond.

The baby, that's Evolt: Dan's baby.

>I'm sure the missile was as a consequence from
>watching the news

or maybe it was a massive phallic symbol, I dunno...

>(what do people think about that btw?)

I feel like I'm back in the 80's and have this burning desire to wear 
a hot pink miniskirt, black fishnets, and spike heels.

I feel the disembodied spirit of Ronald Reagan hovering overhead.

>but as for Tina
>Turner - no clue!!

that's cause we rock.

>Great piccies - I like this one best - you all look stoned!

that's cause we're irie.


as for me, I love this:
(Blues Brothers movie is one of my all-time favorites)

and this:
cause I look so rock n' roll.
can I use it somewhere, for something, Martin?

Thanks so much for taking those photos.
I love having the picture of us & Stevie Ray Vaughn.


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