[thechat] quake 3

Dulcie dulcie at ecn.ab.ca
Thu May 3 13:33:04 CDT 2001

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Katherine Spice wrote:

->and on a completely random note - does anyone else here play quake 3
->arena? I was introduced to it approx 3 months ago and I _love_ it!

I'm not much of a shoot-em-up gamer, but I am a smash-em-onna-head gamer!
Diablo II is a fun network game. I also just got Black and White which can
be played networked/over the internet.  I'm still training my chimp,
though.  He keeps eating the grass and then barfing...

dulcie at ecn.ab.ca   icq:9288803

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