[thechat] Third Wheel

Michele Wandrei michele at inthree.com
Thu May 3 15:52:37 CDT 2001

Hi Tamara,

Living in Michigan, we spend as much time as possible on Mackinac Island every
summer (no cars allowed -- bikes and horses only).   Reaching back to the dark
and dusty corners of my brain, I thought we called the third wheel thing a
"Hitch Hiker" or something like that.  Well, going on that memory, I found
this (watch the wrap):

My younger son, now 7, really appreciated riding the "cool" bike with Daddy.
We thought about buying one, but knew that he was close to learning to ride
independently.  I remember seeing them at Target last year, but couldn't find
anything on their site.

Hope this helps a little!
Michele Wandrei
inThree Design

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