[thechat] b&w (was quake 3)

Dulcie dulcie at ecn.ab.ca
Thu May 3 17:55:11 CDT 2001

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Sam-I-Am wrote:

->> though.  He keeps eating the grass and then barfing...
->yeah mine does that. Do you slap him up.. or is barfing its own

Good question.  I'd think it was punishment enough, personally.  My
boyfriend's cat eats my spider plant and then barfs, too, yet she keeps on
going back for another hit.

I think if I teach my chimp how to get food for himself (herself?) he'll
stop eating grass. 

I'd been hearing that the game runs choppily on "older" systems but it's
doing great on my K6-2 500 and Voodoo3 2000 card!  Hooray!

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