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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Mon May 7 02:56:26 CDT 2001

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Chris Spruck wrote on 7/5/01 6:36 am

>To help us better achieve this, we plan to incorporate key
>components of Spectra technology - a Java-based version of the COAPI
>architecture and other services directly related to dynamic content - into
>the application server, as well as delivering next generation dynamic
>content technologies such as end-user content contribution and team
>production through a series of new product initiatives. This means that
>version 1.5 will be Spectra's last feature additive release - we'll invest
>our resources in making the core technology that we move into our
>application server and visual tools faster, easier, and better.

Right. So in English:

1) Some of Spectra is going into CF
2) Some will develop into a workflow-ish type product (tbd,
   but possibly looking at competing with Interwoven Teamsite)
   which could potentially be app-server neutral.

To be honest, Spectra (while a great product) wasn't really
flying as a competitive CMS. Most of the CMS people I talk
to haven't even *heard* of it, let alone would consider it
up alongside Teamsite, Vignette, Documentum etc.


(moving this over to thelist where Ray Camden may pick up
on it)

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