[thechat] hols

Judah McAuley judah at alphashop.com
Tue May 8 18:29:02 CDT 2001

At 12:18 AM 5/9/01 +0100, you wrote:
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>Just so you don't think I've gone under a bus
>or I'm just ignoring you, I'm off to Zakynthos
>for 2 weeks starting tomorrow.

In case you didn't already know it:  You suck.  *Sigh*  Alright, I'm just 
envious of your trip to Greece.  Someday I'll get there.

My goal this year:  Go somewhere (other than a hotspring) where the water 
is naturally warm.   Oregon is fantastic and beautiful, but the water is 
*cold*.  And skinny boys like myself have hypothermia issues.

Ah well.  Costa Rica will wait around for me.


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