[thechat] Alice?

Isaac Forman isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed May 9 23:13:22 CDT 2001

> >Matrox G400 Dual-Head...
> >When I ran the demo set-up it winced at Win2k so I assumed the full game
> >would as well... might have a look now then  =)
> Is that a good card otherwise?  I was looking at the G450
> Dual-Head for my
> system.  Not much of a gamer, but I want to have two monitors.

i have a g400 at home, and we have two g450's at work. been very happy with

couple of driver versions for the g400 had rare redraw issues with nt4, but
everything is happy with the newer drivers. no problems at all with the
g450's and win2k here at the office. i definitely recommend the card.

i find the performance in q3a on this box (1ghz athlon) with the card very
good also.


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