[thechat] 2 monitors behavior with fullscreen popups (Was: kinda cool)

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu May 10 19:31:10 CDT 2001

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kinda cool)

> [snippage]
> It's annoying only in 2 ways: 1) those instances where somebody thinks I
> need to see their window stripped of chrome and controls and 2) because
> I was hoping to do was be able to switch one monitor to 640x480x256 colors
> on the fly. I could do it on 98 or NT4 with this card, it's only W2K
> screwy. I could easily solve it by installing a cheapo PCI video card and
> get all the benefits of two cards, but I'm kinda lazy about hardware. :)

I have no probs here with 2 17" monitors, Win2k Pro, a GeForce2 GTS card in
my AGP and a Matrox Millennium II in a PCI slot - both can run at
independant and different resolutions and refresh rates.

IMHO, the best way to do dualhead (or triple, or quad) is simply to use
separate cards :)

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