[thechat] question for the ladies...

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon May 14 13:12:17 CDT 2001

The point made about shirts worn at work is a good one.

If one works in a casual but not-too casual office, that woman's 
t-shirt might just work.  I never had thought about wearing the Evolt 
shirts to work, actually, but I do think I could wear that woman's T. 
I probably would not wear the men's T.

I was the main (read: only) one advocating for a tank, but maybe it's 
better not to do a tank.

It's bad enough that some people (of both sexes) think a woman gets a
promotion when she sleeps around, there's no need to bring even more skin
into the workplace. But that's my personal opinion. Yours may vary. :)

What if you like to show skin but you don't sleep around?

Growing up on a northern coast, I'm just thrilled when I see sun. 
Maybe it's my CA hippie upbringing, but I think skin is beautiful, 
not slutty.

High heels, & nylons, OTOH, are (expensive) bondage gear.  This isn't 
necessarily a bad thing, but shouldn't be part of a required uniform.

Actually, for women, I believe the rule of thumb is "damned if you 
do, damned if you don't."

Attractiveness (in either sex) will always be a factor in status 
(hopefully not the only factor), and successful women will always be 
the target of petty gossip.

Unless someone else really wants an Evolt tank (speak up now!), let's 
do the women's T.


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