[thechat] spin magazine: punk

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon May 14 19:17:12 CDT 2001

May 01 issue has kind of an interesting article & photos on "25 years 
of Punk."  I'm only partway thru but it's kind of interesting, you 
know, trying to define the genre of what is "punk" and the history 
and stuff...

discussing the diff between Brit punk (which apparently was more 
mainstreamed) and US punk (which was more regional and you only heard 
it if you or a friend had the records or tapes or at local gigs, 

I think it's pretty interesting & especially where they apparently 
have gathered current quotes from various people... Like Exene 
Cervenka (X -- one of the first concerts I went to -- I was 15)  -- 
Exene says "... I can't think of anything really new in music.  I'd 
hate to be 15 right now."

You think she's right?  Sounds like a crotchety old lady to me.

I think what used to be called punk/new wave has evolved & branched 
out: techno, inde... dare I say rap?


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