[thechat] roll yr own blackout

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Mon May 21 13:07:48 CDT 2001

Sorry dude,

While I applaud your sentiment ... I cannot applaud your choice.

'Ralphie' fed into the "we have to protect Americans from their own
stupidity" mindset when he 'outlawed' the Corvair ... any European would
have said "It rolled and you blame the car? You're a moron AND a sh*tty

[One of the things I loved most about Yorkminster was the fact that the wall
only had guardrails when it crossed streets.  You wanna be an idiot and
fall? Go ahead - just don't block our traffic!  I really wish we had that
kind of sensibility on this side of the pond.]

Then again I still blame 'Ralphie', Jill Clayburg, and Geico for the 55 MPH

I haven't followed his career and I don't care to - for me that's his
legacy: Corvair and 55 MPH.

Sorry -- 'conscience' is a good thing ... but morons wrapped in the
holier-than-thou "green" flag are as bad or worse than what we have now.

FWIW - I am very pro-conservation. The current policy shifts are p*ssing me
off big time ... ... but I'm also very anti 'eco-nazi' too.

My 2c,


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This is why I voted for Nader.

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