[thechat] roll yr own blackout

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Mon May 21 13:18:38 CDT 2001

"Luther, Ron" wrote:
> Sorry dude,
> While I applaud your sentiment ... I cannot applaud your choice.

That's fine.

> 'Ralphie' fed into the "we have to protect Americans from their own
> stupidity" mindset when he 'outlawed' the Corvair ... any European would
> have said "It rolled and you blame the car? You're a moron AND a sh*tty
> driver!".

Yes, we should also have never added anti-lock brakes or seatbelts.
Idiots go driving on the highways should take personal responsibility
for their idiotic driving. 

> [One of the things I loved most about Yorkminster was the fact that the wall
> only had guardrails when it crossed streets.  You wanna be an idiot and
> fall? Go ahead - just don't block our traffic!  I really wish we had that
> kind of sensibility on this side of the pond.]

Indeed, most of the safety features folded into the roads are just an
excuse for people to drive worse.

> Then again I still blame 'Ralphie', Jill Clayburg, and Geico for the 55 MPH

Your state wanted those highway dollars, blame your state.

> I haven't followed his career and I don't care to - for me that's his
> legacy: Corvair and 55 MPH.

*chuckle* - well, certainty is one of the comforts of a narrow mind.

> Sorry -- 'conscience' is a good thing ... but morons wrapped in the
> holier-than-thou "green" flag are as bad or worse than what we have now.

*chuckle*. How on earth could things be worse than a President who is
incapable of speaking lucidly? And a congress with no will to serve the
people other than to the extent they require some fraction to vote for
them? And whose pockets are lined by folks whose interests lie squarely
in money, and to no extent whatsoever consider the public good?

> FWIW - I am very pro-conservation. The current policy shifts are p*ssing me
> off big time ... ... but I'm also very anti 'eco-nazi' too.

eco-nazi, "anti-choice", "dittohead" and other such terms are the
language of propaganda. Time to stop being a sheep and /think/ for a

I wish you well.

> My 2c,

Back at ya.

	- Joe <http://artlung.com/>

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