[thechat] roll yr own blackout

Ron White ronwhite at members.evolt.org
Mon May 21 15:18:20 CDT 2001

Or federally insuring our banks which allows them to loan money to people or
companies we'd never dream of loaning to?
Or withholding drugs for safety concerns when there aren't any?
Or allowing passage of drugs when safety concerns abound?
Good points

Or militarizing the police in the name of public safety or public health?

Yes, except the part to the right:(drug war)?

Or allowing the preservation of national forests so that wildfires spread

Hello?? remember a little "controlled" burn in NM getting out of hand
because the Forest Service doesn't have the funds to keep up with all the
places that need the burns??

Or sticking our nose in other countries' business, besmirching the name of
democracy in an effort to preserve our own capitalist interests, while, at
the same time, neglecting other worldwide hotspots because they don't make
us money?

And this affect our safety how?

Or shooting down missionaries who they think are drug runners because
they're flying a plane in Peru?

Accidents happen and we didn't do this anyway the Peruvians did. The
transcripts clearly show that the AMERICANS involved were yelling NOT to

Or systematically targeting the African American community with their
obsessive, meaningless Drug War?
You only have half a point here with the obsessive, meaningless drug war.

Need I go on?

go on? No, make better arguments? Yes


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