[thechat] roll yr own blackout

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Mon May 21 15:38:45 CDT 2001

At 03:27 PM 5/21/2001, you wrote:
>not me.  Libertarians tend to be too individualistic "each man for 
>himself" for me.

Maybe so, and I would probably classify me as a moderate Libertarian, but, 
on the flip side, I really would prefer not to have the rest of the world 
speak for me either.

>We live in a global community and everything we do affects the lives of 

But not on everything.  If I smoke or drink or do drugs what right should 
you have to tell me to stop if it's not hurting you (if it is, that's 
different, a la non-smoking sections, etc.)?  Your example about using DDT 
on the lawn is a good example however, but it's still reasonably clear cut: 
your decision is affecting me in a harmful way.  Now, if I wanted to paint 
my lawn blue, that gets even fuzzier.


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