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Tue May 22 07:30:30 CDT 2001

I've actually got many other series as well, Avengers, FF, the various X-Men
spin-offs, bunch of others, but those are only from about 82-88. Got two
full trunks and 3 other boxes. About 70% have been bagged, need to get to
the rest before they're damaged...

Ron White

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The bad news is I only have this one.  Found it in some old boxes from my
teenage years.  Worked in my father's drugstore and never had to buy a
comic; just read them off the rack and returned them.


> X-men collector myself, got some from the early 60's then every one from
> debut of the new team through about 1988 or so...
> Thanks,
> Ron White
> Norman
> Proud original owner of a nice copy of Fantastic Four issue 82 (Jan 1968)

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