[thechat] roll yr own blackout

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Tue May 22 11:05:23 CDT 2001

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> So why the almost complete devotion to Oil and Gas, with a nod to nuclear
> and
> nothing else?
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> Uh, hello?? Where have you been for the last year??

Perhaps I should have made the sarcasm a bit more evident... :)

> Bush is an oilman,
> Cheney is an oilman, his entire cabinet is made up of former executives from
> heavy industries. It's all they know.

Of course that is exactly the reason. But there's more. Speculate, for a
moment, on what George W's prospects are after his presidency. Then follow the
money. It's a crime I tells ya.

Sorry for the long delay in my reply, I've been out since late Sunday/early


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