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> Not only that, but a *LARGE* percentage of Christians do not even
> know what their own religion believes.
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> Okay ... But how do you determine what a religion believes?  

You're right. I should have said the "administration" of a religion.
But, I'm really talking about the differences in the sects of
Christianity. For instance, I know a lot of Catholics who do not
realize that their religion teaches that the Eucharist is
*physically* the body and blood of Christ. Um, that's a pretty
foundational belief... and one that has caused splinterings of other
Christians religions.

> It's been kind of a thorn in my side from time to time that no
> organized religion seems to have a "quality control" department ...
> what I've run into has been pretty much "house rules" from church
> to church... and the rules change.  The answer you get seems to
> depend on who you ask... how and when you ask ... and how much
> money you've donated recently.


Catholicism claims it cannot possibly proclaim something as Truth
that is not Truth. So, I guess they feel they wouldn't need a
"quality control" department. But, picking apart this belief is a
whole other story...

> The [fun|annoying] part is that if you ask more than one person
> you're going to get more than one answer.  I guess you could choose
> to believe the answer you like best ... but I'm not sure how that
> corresponds to what 'the religion' believes.

A good source is usually official religious documents (like the
Catholic Catechism, etc.)

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