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Wed May 23 06:08:36 CDT 2001

On 22 May 2001, at 21:38, Warden, Matt posted a message which said:

> > I think you are talking about the doctrine of Papal Infallibility.
> > They first invoked that one in the 20th century, and they only
> > have invoked it twice, IIRC.
> Um, nope. It applies whenever the pope talks about official Catholic
> doctrine.

We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. 

There have only been *two* incidents where the pope has asserted
papal infallibility - Humanae Generis and in establishing the dogma
of the Assumption of Mary, both of which occured in 1950, *before*
Vatican II established papal infallibility as church doctrine.

Vatican II, in 1962, said "infallibility in virtue of his office, when, as 
supreme pastor and teacher of all the faithful—he proclaims in an 
absolute decision a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals."

But unless he asserts that he is speaking Ex Cathedra - as supreme
pastor and teacher of all the faithful - then he is not asserting that
his statements are without error.


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