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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
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At 08:38 PM 5/22/2001, you wrote:
>Yeah. It gets twisted when you start thinking about how members of
>sect one of Christianity have personal beliefs that fit with sect two
>and vice versa. So, at least to me, it makes the whole segregation
>within Christianity a little... umm... well, I'll stop there so I
>don't offend anyone.

Well, it's interesting because there is a strong non-denominational 
movement within Christianity because of this very reason (especially in the 
younger generation - we're tired of it).  The basis for a vast majority of 
Christianity is the same: The Trinity, the inerrancy of the Scriptures, 
Christ's death on the cross, subsequent resurrection and ultimate return, 
etc.  Beyond that, most of the differences seem to be more semantics and 
stupidness: baptism by immersion/sprinkling, how to dress, how to have 
Communion, the exact way end times will play out, even where to meet (a 
Church building is becoming less important: <plug>See 


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