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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
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At 09:00 AM 5/23/2001, you wrote:
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>Should I pipe in? oops! looks like I already did! So here goes.
> > And, no, not all would be practicing Christians, but how many are
> > practicing Jews or Muslims or Hindus?  The ratios of practicing to
> > nonpracticing are probably pretty equal across the board, it's
> > human nature.
>Depends on how you define "practicing a religion" actually. Can't say
>about other religions but if you take the case of Hindus, you'll find
>large segment "practicing a little". Heck many Hindus in India even
>celebrate festivals of other religions! :)

True, but a large segment of Christians "practice a little" as well.  They 
show up at Church on Christmas and Easter and say that they practice 
Christianity (or praying something like "God, please let the Cowboys beat 
the spread" or something to that extent :) ).


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