[thechat] Mythology was comics

Judah McAuley judah at alphashop.com
Wed May 23 11:35:03 CDT 2001

At 08:59 AM 5/23/01 -0500, Ben wrote:

>But these commandments you mention here were laid out during the Old 
>Testament of the Bible.  Many of the things that were God-ordained during 
>the Old Testament (including the slaughter of a lamb to cleanse sins, not 
>trimming the corners of the face and binding the Word to your forehead - 
>the actual Scriptures for these escape me now) were effectively negated 
>(if you believe in Christianity) by Christ's death on the cross.  These 
>were all signs of respect to God or as atonement for sins, which, as the 
>New Testament lays out, are no longer necessary because Christ's death now 
>atones these sins.

That's an interesting point. I never thought about that.  I presumed that 
the death of Jesus was simply wiping the slate clean (in a sin/karma sense) 
but not actually changing any obligations.  Kind of like a single get out 
jail free card will help you once, but you still have to play by the same 
rules in place in the game.  And now that I have thoroughly mangled several 
metaphors, I will ponder this idea quietly.  Of course, since I'm not 
Christian, this is a an academic excercise, but an interesting one none the 


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