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Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed May 23 17:00:41 CDT 2001

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> Ya know those little things that you look at for years and 
> think "Hm. Cool
> idea. I'll have to try those someday."? Well, I finally got 
> some PowerGrips
> for my commuting bike.
> http://www.ekosport.com/pg_benefits.shtml
> I've never really cared for old-school toe clips and I hated having to
> schlep around an extra pair of shoes to use my clipless 

I've seen these off-and-on for years, and have found those that use them
swear by them. Since I don't commute with my Stumpy, I'll stick to clipless.

Have you tried the hybrid shoe route? I had a pair of SPD compatible
sneakers a while ago (you know, those Airwalk-looking low tops?), and
despite the Ritchey-made SPD pedals on my bike didn't work too well with
them (Nashbar specials), they were comfy enough to wear around as everyday

Pantani, the Giro? I wouldn't count out Ulrich (though it seems all he cares
about is Lance and the Tour) ... I'd like to see Tyler Hamilton make himself
a serious contender this year....

(have salsa with your name on it, need to get it into the mail next week,
along with a book for someone else)


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