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Wed May 23 17:16:10 CDT 2001

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>> Well, I finally got some PowerGrips for my commuting bike.
>I've seen these off-and-on for years, and have found those 
>that use them swear by them. Since I don't commute with my 
>Stumpy, I'll stick to clipless.

I have to say I was blown away by how well they work. I dunno how well
they'd work in offroad situations, but maybe I'll give 'em a shot.

>Have you tried the hybrid shoe route? I had a pair of SPD compatible
>sneakers a while ago (you know, those Airwalk-looking low tops?), and

Thought about it, but I wanted to try these first. The whole thing was
cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes, even Nashbar specials. Besides, it
was spring so I was required to change out some component on my bike and I
didn't wanna mess with the handlebars or shifters this year. :)

>Pantani, the Giro? I wouldn't count out Ulrich (though it 
>seems all he cares about is Lance and the Tour) ... 

Yep. It's a grudge thing. I think he had hopes of making a go at the Giro
this year, but it looks to me like he's not in good enough shape to really
make a difference. I could be wrong, we're only a few days into it, but I
just get the feeling that he's saving himself for Lance. So to speak. ;)

>I'd like to see Tyler Hamilton make himself a 
>serious contender this year....

That would be cool, but don't expect it unless Lance falls under a truck.
Tyler's best hope is grabbing a stage or two early on, but once Lance is in
the yellow, they're gonna circle the wagons.

>(have salsa with your name on it, need to get it into the mail 
>next week, along with a book for someone else)

OOO! I gotta get you some nuggets!

Speaking of which, this happened in a back yard in Anchorage yesterday:



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