[thechat] bike stuff

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Wed May 23 17:35:41 CDT 2001

>I don't get the connection... unless you were meaning you were already
>messing with that stuff...

Spring = new crap for the FrankenHopper. I've changed out the handlebars and
shifters many, many times (for example), and this year I thought I'd stick
to something simple. Like pedals.

>After the Tour last year there was some press speculating
>Tyler's jump to another team so he could vie for a #1 spot. If 
>Lance stays on past this Tour, I wouldn't be surprised if Tyler jumped to 
>another team. I hope not, he's really the only one ready to step in (well, 
>Hincapie kicks ass too, but isn't he getting old?)

Well, if Lance wins again this year, I'm pretty sure he'll go for five. (I
know this would only be number three.) But I don't know what that would mean
for US Postal. It must kinda suck to be under his shadow for the tour, but
heck Hincapie is still there. I was surprised that Kevin Livingston went to
Telekom. From one shadow to another, it seems. Maybe Ullrich's shadow isn't
quite as long as Armstrong's.

>yes! I've been talking them up around here (receiving "ewws" 
>and "yucks" everywhere =D) ....

heh heh ...

>> Speaking of which, this happened in a back yard in Anchorage 
>> yesterday:
>> http://www.adn.com/nation/photo/large/0,3167,,00.html
>That's just strange. Beautiful, but strange. Pass my blessings 
>on to the mother, wouldya?

you betcha.


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