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> Oh, come on, deke. Maybe I come from a buncha crazy Presbyterian
> liberals or something, but I don't know *any* members of *any*
> Christian denomination that unquestioningly accept every single
> article of doctrine of their church.

Exactly! Nor must they. It's the so-called foundational beliefs that
determine one's religion or non-religion. So, if one was pro-abortion
and one's religion was anti-abortion, then maybe that's not really
one's religion. But, if the quibble is with whether the priest should
wear purple on holy days, that really doesn't go to core beliefs.

> >But those who describe themselves as "non-denominational
> >christians" say "if you don't agree with what we believe, you're
> >not a christian." 
> Okay, specifically, I'm saying is that the self-proclaimed
> non-denominational Christians that I know have never said or
> practiced anything remotely like that.  

Yup. I've never ran into anyone like that either.

> My experience has been the opposite. Most non-denominational
> churches that I'm familiar with tend to be local in the extreme.
> "This is what our *congregation* believes. We are members of this
> congregation because none of the large denominations make enough
> sense for us." Now I'm putting words in their mouths, which is just
> as unfair, but again, I'm only attesting to my experience.

Really, I usually run into nondenominational Christians who don't go
to church because their beliefs are in the minority (um, because they
aren't affiliated with a denomination).

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