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McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Wed May 23 20:41:46 CDT 2001

>> Well, I was speaking specifically of people who are actually
>> members of non-denominational churches. I've never used the title
>> "non-denominational" for non-church-goers. Those folks are just
>> Christians who don't go to church.
>I don't agree with that. One of the major reasons Christians don't go
>to church is because their church doesn't satisfy their beliefs. 

Yep. Or they think that if they don't agree with everything in the church's
statements of belief/articles of faith/whatever, they can't belong to that

>Some can't find a church that satisfies their beliefs... hence,
>nondenominational Christians.

Hm. On the big Venn diagram of Christians, I'm willing to say that there are
people who are non-church-going and non-denominational, but I still think
there's a distinction. See below.

>Fwiw, "nondenominational churches" almost seems like an oxymoron to

Well, using the definition that I posted a couple of messages ago, a
denomination is a group of congregations that have a common set of beliefs
and a legal association. A church is a congregation. Therefore, a church can
be a Christian church and not affiliated with a denomination. A
non-denominational church.


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