[thechat] Mythology was comics

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Wed May 23 21:12:07 CDT 2001

>Sure. And many non-church-goers are just lazy or would rather was the
>tube. I'm just making the point that they're not all non-church-goers
>for that reason.

Agreed. Point taken.

>> >Fwiw, "nondenominational churches" almost seems like an oxymoron
>> >to me.
>> Well, using the definition that I posted a couple of messages ago,
>> a denomination is a group of congregations that have a common set
>> of beliefs and a legal association. A church is a congregation.
>> Therefore, a church can be a Christian church and not affiliated
>> with a denomination. A non-denominational church.
>But then again, a church can also refer to a religion (often
>capitilized when used this way, however). We might want to ignore
>vocabulary becuase we'll be at this forever  ;-)

Well, the definition of non-denominational vs denominational was germaine to
my point to deke. I agree that we're chasing ourselves in circles here. But
then, how many denominations exist because of vocabulary arguments?

Aaaaaaanyway ... it's time to go home and eat my dinner and walk my dogs.

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