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Quackamoe quackamoe at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 22:11:02 CDT 2001

I've been monitoring this thread throughout the day
but haven't been able to chime in, major deadline
tomorrow. I now have a little breathing space and
want to throw in some comments. This has been such
an even-handed, cool-headed discussion, it's been
a delight, and I want to maintain that spirit. At
the same time - since I think we're all learning a 
lot about what other people /really/ believe - I
want to address a couple of inaccuracies that have
been mentioned about my faith. 

I'm LDS, commonly called Mormon. We do prefer "LDS"
to "Mormon," btw.
> Where did he return *to*, though?  The Mormons
> believe that when he disappeared from the middle 
> east, he appeared in upstate New York.

Not exactly. Sounds like he disappeared from the 
middle east and came to New York right away. We 
do believe that after Christ's resurrection
- a literal, physical resurrection - and ascension he
appeared to the early inhabitants of Mesoamerica. 
Around 33-34 AD or so.

Waaaay subsequently he appeared to Joseph Smith in
upstate New York - 1820 AD.
> > True, but for the record, I disagree with the
> Mormons belief in the Book of 
> > Mormon and the other texts given to John Smith:

heh heh. Problem with a simple name like Joseph, it
frequently ends up being John.
> Which is my point. Not whose beliefs are right, but
> which beliefs are fundamental to christianity. 

Okay, here's an off the top list from a Mormon*: 

There is a God, he is our Heavenly Father and loves
each and every one of us.

Jesus is His Only Begotten Son, who lived a perfect
life, which in combination with his inherited divinity
and inherited humanity qualified him to reconcile us
with God. Which he did by bleeding in Gethsemane and 
on the Cross. 

Jesus paid for our sins. All of our sins. Everybody's.

He arose from the dead and lives today.

The Holy Bible is an accurate and reliable account
of God's dealings with us. It is his word. You can
trust it. 

We must have faith in Him and accept his Atonement
in order for it to help us. 

Okay, that's enough for now. Anyway, I'm interested
in thoughts on the above, admittedly abbreviated 

Terry Fowler

* Oops! I mean Latter-day Saint!

PS - I posted a message to thelist about browser
     innerwidth a while ago. So far no response.
     I could /really/ use some help on this one. :)

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