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Tamara Abbey Abbey at abbeyink.com
Wed May 23 23:35:38 CDT 2001

At 09:28 PM 5/23/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Fwiw, "nondenominational churches" almost seems like an oxymoron to

I was originally baptized in a non-denominational church. The church served 
a rural population and we were just glad to get together and have a place 
of worship and community with our neighbors. There were even a few members 
who were a little surprised to learn Rev. Stelling was actually a retired 
Catholic Priest when he died, but it was still our church and we weren't 
Methodist or Lutheran or Presbyterian, we were members of Deer Park Church.

At another point in my life I was a Methodist, but I still miss the 
community and spirit of that little church. I was back there recently, and 
I still miss that church and that community. Maybe because I was a kid, but 
it just seemed to me that they didn't leave their Sunday manners at the church.

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