[thechat] 'Merican politics

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu May 24 14:06:26 CDT 2001

Hi Tamara,

Actually the census info isn't that bad.

Agreed though - The gerrymandering on carving up the congressional districts
can involve some pretty nasty political infighting.


(Who used to have some 'stat-buddies' who worked for the US Census and has
heard firsthand about some of the interesting problems they've run into and
some of the fancy 'hi-tech' techniques they have used there.)

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From: Tamara Abbey [mailto:Abbey at abbeyink.com]
This also becomes significant since we just had a census last year and our 
government is representative of the people. That means we have a new head 
count (I know, woefully inaccurate, I'm sure), but 10 years ago there was 
some pretty nasty fighting over Congressional districts and who would be in 
control of the final map.

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