[thechat] Mythology was comics

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Thu May 24 14:07:56 CDT 2001

Tamara wrote:
> Faith is a comfort. God is comforting. Horrible things happen because we
> are human and not in control of our environment at all times. God will
> provide. All we can do is accept our humanity and try to do better
> tomorrow, which, BTW arrived about 30 minutes ago -- g'nite.

This is what bothers me about western religions. When you take into account
that people are always looking to be comfortable, and the fact that people
are very good at justifying (sp?) pretty much whatever they want, then how
do I know that idea of God, and the mythology surrounding Jesus, were not
wholly invented by the ancients and supported by their descendants? It seems
plausible that the judeo religions (and other deist religions) were invented
to pacify (and thereby control - but I digress) a populace that naturally
seeks comfort and meaning in life. In the absence of a more plausible
premise, this is what I must believe.

The reality of what organised western religions have done with their power
in the past, and still continue to do today, only strengthens my resolve.

What does all this mean to me? It means that: no, there is most likely no
higher meaning in life, no experience after death. Heaven and Hell are both
right here on earth, right now. One might argue that this credo would lead
to apathy, or perhaps selfishness and aggression, but the opposite is, in
fact, the case. Only when individuals maintain their dignity, compassion,
and sense of self-worth in the face of uncertainty can humanity as a whole
progress to a higher standard of living for everyone, and ensure that
standard for years to come.

Religion does not assure me that humanity will continue. In fact, western
religions claim that there will be an end to life on earth. It is that
position, IMO, that is destroying the earth. If the majority of people
believe in an armaggendon, that the earth was doomed from the start, what
hope for the future can I have? And what will stop those people from
destroying the planet? They believe that the condition of the planet does
not, in the end, count for anything.

Alas, mass enlightenment is a fleeting goal.

I for one, do not wish my posterity to be reviled by my descendants. Knowing
that that would be the case would certainly be Hell for me.



P.S. - This will most likely be my only contribution to this thread. In
general, I try to stay away from public discussions of religion because of
their contentious nature, but Tamara's comment did strike a chord with me
that I thought I'd share.

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